Nizar Tabcharani

Studied music at The National Conservatory of Music of Lebanon for a period of seven years and is a member of the Syndicate of Professional Musicians of Lebanon. Nizar Tabcharani In Canada he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Music- Kanoun performance from Concordia University. Nizar is extensively experienced in performing on the Kanoun with many Arabic folkloric troupes, which toured extensively throughout Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries. He participated in the prestigious: Conservatoire du Liban ensemble, consisting of seventy of Lebanon’s finest musicians. The group was invited by Radio Stuttgart, in Germany where Lebanon was represented among thirty other countries. In addition, Nizar took part in numerous tours organized by folkloric cultural companies, sponsored by The Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon. Nizar has played in several national tour circuits taking him to: Gulf countries, as well as several African and American continent concert dates. In one of these: The International Exposition of Poitiers in 1997, Mr.Tabcharani was acting musical director of the company throughout the tour to France. The busy ensemble played packed houses alongside a host of famous singers and artists in an exhaustive visit of more than 30 countries.

In 2001 Nizar Tabcharani performed in the 22nd edition of the ever popular Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. He was seen and heard on his kanoun on Télé Québec on January 23, 2001 and played for a Middle Eastern exposition at the Musée d'Art National of Quebec City. The years 2002 and 2003 brought Nizar to spotlights on Canadian stages at : Le Festival du Monde Arabe where he played with Christine Atallah and the Bassalindos, The Lebanese Festival, Les Francofolies, Winiarziana, Montreal, and the Lebanorama Festival in Ottawa, where he is a frequent guest.

In 2005 Nizar Tabcharani and the BACKStrings enchanted Montreal in several concerts, Festival des Musiques et Du Monde, Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Concerti sous la pergola, Xtreme Music Group just to name a few.

Nizar Tabcharani musician, composer, producer and arranger aims to bring the beautiful sounds of his kanoun and its Middle Eastern melodies to everyone. He produced an album in 2010 'Bayati Ana' of his own compositions and arrangements and released it in a spectacular show at Place Des Arts in Montreal during the show Je me souviens 2.0, which he co-produced with the Festival du Monde Arabe.